About Us


    Champbuddy is a User Choice based, Industry Content, Perspectives, Insights building Platform with 4 Goals-

    1. To enable Users to make a wise and a happy Career Choice.

    2. To enable User kids to learn industry insights, knowledge and perspectives.

    3. To enable users reach better standards from, employability, Human Productivity and Self Actualization Needs point of view.

    4. To help enable better Communication and relationship between a parent and Child, when the Child is on the Career selection Trajectory.

    It is Targeted to 11–21-Year-Old Kids & covers Extracurricular, Vocational and Academic Areas of Interest. It has different Offerings, both in Online and Offline Space.

    The First to launch are SERVICES

    1. Deep Dive Career Problem Case Analysis with 1:1 meeting with Industry Influencers and Experts via Google Meet priced at 10000 INR Per Session.

    2. One Topic PDF Report, where 10 points on a Topic will be furnished as a PDF Report via Email. This is Priced at Rs 1000 Per Topic, asked by User Kid as a Query.

    3. Parents Session Hot Chocolate Sessions with Parents exclusively for 30 Minutes. This is Priced at Rs 100.

    Coming Soon

    1. Champbuddy Industry Landscaping Dashboard.

    2. Champbuddy Webinars for Each Community and Sub Community. Example of Community are Photography & Sub Community is Fashion Photography.

    3. Champbuddy Engagement Quizzes, Puzzles,Content,Hackathons,Slo Mo Videos.

    4. Champbuddy Events in Offline Space.